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Tsageri History Museum was founded in 1937, through the efforts of painter, teacher and public figure Varlam Makharoblidze. He Himself is responsible for finding and purchasing a large part of the museum exhibits.

Regardless of the complicate period of the resent Georgian history and the fire emerging in the museun im 1996, a large part of the collections is preserved.

In 1997, the museum was given the title of V.  Makharoblidze, and in 2007 the status of a History Museum. Tsageri History Museum is one of the richest among Georgian regional museums. Protected in the museum are the exhibits discovered on the territory of Lechkhumi at different times and those obtained as a result of archaeological excavations.

Important samples reflecting the geological past and cultural heritage of the region are presented through geological, paleontological, numismatic, photo art samples and pictorial collections.

A large part of the exhibits represent accidentally discovered ones. The total number of exhibits received by the museum through purchase, donation or archaeological excavations, amount to 10 000 artifacts.
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